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Curious girl exploring a contemporary art exhibition with augmented reality mobile application
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Epson Moverio - Museo di Santa Giulia - Brescia by Ian Wallman
Augmented Reality at 360°
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Photo by ©Ian Wallman

Who We Are

ARtGlass® was born in 2013 with a cutting-edge project: enriching the reality that surrounds us with interactive experiences by exploiting the potential of Augmented Reality. Today ARtGlass is considered the leading company in the Augmented Reality sector for tourism, culture and more.

Funder and CEO of ARtGLass

Project Manager

Graphic Designer and Art Director

Multimedia Designer

Photo by ©Ian Wallman

What We Do

We immediately chose to focus on creating experiences dedicated to cultural sites, tourism and edutainment, to bring the widest possible audience closer to our cultural heritage, thanks to Augmented Reality. Today we also deal with corporate events for every occasion: trade fairs and congresses, inaugurations, launches of new products.

ARtGlass is not just technology, but above all creativity. Ours is a team made up of multimedia content creation experts, developers, multimedia designers, archaeologists, videomakers, 3D modelers, editors, who work alongside the customer to create unforgettable experiences. The ARtGlass system, thanks to patents and its uniqueness on the market, allows public administrations to take advantage of our collaboration by adopting streamlined and simplified procedures.